Professional cleaning
without the use of water

The line of cleaners Four Plus will clean all types of non-porous surfaces without the use of water. Four Plus products are designed to clean even the most stubborn stains simply by applying it to a dirty surface and through the mechanical removal of stain with one of our recommended Four Plus micro cloth or sponges.

One-time use,
quadruple effect

Four plus cleans, polishes, nourishes and protects. All cleaning products contain the active cleaning formula and some four different types of waxes, which protect the exterior surfaces and create a special layer that prevents direct contact with dirt and other particles. Treated surfaces will be nourished and protected from the ingress of UV and IR rays.

Technological perfection

All Four Plus cleaners are developed and tested in Germany; we offer it to the market as an innovative solution, which is the result of years of research and development. The Four Plus waterless cleaning line meets European standards and is treated as a biodegradable cleaning agent.